VIP Exclusive Services

VIP Exclusive Services

Bodyguard Stars Celebrity Services has an exclusive VIP Event division. These VIP services include: personal concierge, model hostess, nightclub hostess, travel companions and tour guides in major cities. We also host exclusive private parties for our VIP clients. We can even co-host a party for a client that wishes to sponsor and host an event. If a member requests to have us co-host their party, we will provide bodyguards, catering, spokes-models, live entertainment, celebrity master of ceremonies, famous DJ’s, musical performers, comedians, celebrity chefs, perimeter and grounds security, massage therapists, and bar staff. The co-host sponsor is responsible for funding and marketing the party or event and booking the venue. Bodyguard Stars is famous for our after-party events.

Hollywood based VIP Security

VIP Private Party

The VIP private party can be as elaborate as you wish. Celebrity VIP Service program will make your event a major success no matter how decadent and or racy you wish for the entertainment to be. Celebrity VIP Services can provide a range of musical performers including Grammy winning recording artists, celebrity talent from reality TV stars to Broadway performers, to exotic servers, bartenders, go-go dancers, shoe-shine girls, promotional models, poker dealers and event hostesses.

VIP Services

Bodyguard Stars Celebrity VIP Services has several all inclusive packages and special custom packages for our VIP clients. These packages can include: airfare, cruises, hotel suite, limousine, bodyguards, dinners, shows, concerts, champagne, and even…a nightclub party model/hostess or travel companion hostess. Whatever your needs are, we can find the right talent and staff to please you and your guests.

These packages can be purchased and pre-booked for birthdays, special occasions, or as gifts or incentives for your best clients, colleagues, employees, and friends. We realize that wealthy, successful clients requiring executive protection, also have other discreet service needs and we are willing to serve you in every capacity that will involve security and entertainment pertaining to any event or party you could imagine. Allow us to plan your next party of any size.

Executive Assistant / Driver

In today’s very busy world, where you may not be familiar with the city you are in.  Many people choose to hire a ride-share service such as Uber or Lyft to pick them up and drop them off at an appointment, event, restaurant, or even to the store or doctor’s office.  With the added  costs, fees, waiting times, and cancellations, it’s very unpredictable and inconvenient.  You may find one good driver with a decent, comfortable vehicle that you wish you could hire as your regular driver but that’s not even a possibility through the rideshare services.
You may even spend more money on having your food delivered to your home, office, or hotel than the cost of the meal itself.  These food delivery fees are getting very expensive.  The delivery people are known to smoke in their cars, take free sample bites of your food, and bring it late and probably cold or no longer fresh. 
Even if you don’t think you can afford to hire a personal assistant or driver on a regular basis.  You may be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable it can be to have a hand selected, pre-screened, sharp dressed, reliable, intelligent, and trustworthy executive assistant / driver to run your errands, take you to your appointments and even wait for you or return to pick you up when you are ready at your scheduled time and convenience.  
Our team of professional concierges are trained with a background in personal security, tactical driving, and to use their experience and local knowledge of an area that is above and beyond what the Google Maps or navigation can tell them.  Knowing the short-cuts based on the rush hour traffic, being aware of major sporting events that require taking an alternate route, and street-smart intuition are what set our team apart from your typical ride-share driver or assistant.
So, if you want to try our services for running your errands, or doing your personal high-end shopping for you, driving you to the dentist or coming in to a courthouse as your assistant and for moral support, being the neutral party when you are scheduled to do a parental custody exchange with your children and ex-spouse, taking you to your favorite restaurant either as the driver or your guest, your executive assistant is there for you 24/7 to serve your needs.
Rather than charge you by the mile or just using the factors calculated by Uber or Lyft, you aren’t billed like a rideshare or taxi, because this is not a driver or taxi service.  You are hiring a personal assistant that can either use your personal vehicle or their own luxury sedan or SUV if required.  You will have a quote that is customized based on the hours required and there are flat daily rates, flat travel rates, (for when you want your assistant to accompany you on a business trip or vacation) or hourly rates for when you just need them to take you to run errands, drop you off, pick you or your guest up to bring them to your home, office, or hotel.
Our service is great for a single female on a first date or meeting a stranger in any situation where she may feel vulnerable or have security concerns.  Your assistant can be male or female if you have a preference.  We can find an assistant that is bilingual or one that specializes in security or has a background in fashion or fine art.  The assistant or concierge are bespoke and custom tailored to suit your needs in most cases.
Services and pricing is based on several factors.  It is best to submit a service request and specify your needs as detailed as possible to find you the right match.  
What is the typical cost for a service like this compared to Uber Black or Lux Black by Lyft?  Our direct comparison shows that a ride in Las Vegas from Henderson to the Cosmopolitan Hotel would be an average of $79 for the drop-off and again $79 for the return home if you called them back 90 minutes later, if they had cars available.  They won’t wait for you or guarantee the same car and driver to come back to take you home, so you may be waiting up to 20 minutes for your return ride.  That’s $160 for the “luxury transportation” by whichever random driver they send for you.
With Bodyguard Stars Luxury Assistant Service, your hand selected personal concierge will be there early if you request them to run an errand or quick stop for a nice gift for your dinner date, such as a bottle of wine on the way.  Perhaps you need to pick up a birthday card and a gift bag or get your outfit at the dry cleaners?  No problem.  It’s your time and your assistant is happy to oblige any special requests.  Upon arrival at the restaurant for dinner, your concierge will graciously open your door and assist you out of the vehicle as professionally as any limousine driver would.  Maybe you prefer that they walk in ahead to let the hostess know that your party has arrived and to assure that your table is ready?  If it’s a restaurant that is new to you, we can have your assistant spend the time reading reviews and make suggestions on the menu if you would like.  You will receive the same treatment as any of our celebrity clients when it comes to speaking with the manager of the establishment ahead of time to announce your arrival and make any special accommodations or requests on your behalf.  
When it is time to come back to take you and your guest(s) to your next stop, whether that may be a lounge, a theater, or back to your home or hotel, your personal assistant will be there waiting for you or they will promptly return upon your text request.  You will receive door-to-door white-glove service that exceeds any level of services provided by a rideshare service or even a limousine service.  
How much would this have cost you for a typical 4 hour evening of VIP service?  The same $160 fee of the common rideshare company.  If you calculate the added stops, the waiting for you, the personalized services we provide, and the added safety and security of having a certified security driver, it’s a great value!
Please submit a service request form to see just how affordable our personal concierge and driver services are.  There is no comparison on the market.