Bodyguard Stars

The renowned executive protection referral and recruitment firm, which was established in 1998 in Los Angeles, California.

Welcome to Bodyguard Stars

Our firm has grown and evolved from humble beginnings.  For nearly a quarter century, we have grown and expanded our services from a local security staffing consulting group, into the largest recruiting network of Celebrity Protection specialists in America.

 We offer assistance to U.S. military veterans as they end their government service obligations and seek employment in the private security industry.  Our services and referrals include:  bodyguard jobs for veterans and former police officers, bodyguard training courses, executive protection recruitment, free consultation on building your future in the elite security sector by helping them obtain the proper certifications, creating their perfect resumes to help these candidates in their quest for finding the best jobs, based on their experience, training, and qualifications.  Our top ranked recruitment team has helped nearly 8,000 US veterans find rewarding security contracts and full-time jobs in the private sector.

Bodyguard Stars offers certification programs

Bodyguard Stars offers certification program referral services to the finest training programs in the USA.  If you operate a school, training courses, or certifications for related fields, please contact us if you would like us to refer your training courses and request us to evaluate your programs.  If we approve your school or training programs, we will proudly endorse them and recommend your training to future applicants.  We are actively seeking the best immersive training and certification courses for our recruits.  If we endorse your training, we would request that two members of our management team would be invited to participate in your training personally, to experience an immersive and comprehensive perspective.  We would also like to offer a discount to our incoming recruits and staff.  We offer exclusive executive protection job referrals for trained security specialists based on experience and specialties of service.

We have grown to serve 9 states

We have grown to serve 9 states (California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, New York, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and Illinois) and 32 major cities including: Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, San Diego, Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Dallas, San Francisco, DC, Chicago, and many more.  We also service foreign clients from dozens of countries throughout Europe, including: the UK, France, Russia, Germany, and Switzerland.  Our services have protected dignitaries, celebrities, and corporate executives from:  China, Japan, Korea, the UAE, and many more.  Celebrities worldwide are now making Bodyguard Stars their number one choice for private security drivers, bodyguards, executive protection, and bodyguards.  Our diplomat concierge services are second to none. 

We have over 600 certified protection specialists and a network of 28 privately licensed security companies that deploy more than 4000 armed, licensed estate security and private security officers. Each agent has all of the required certificates and permits or licenses needed to work as a bodyguard, executive protection agent, or security officer in the cities and states we service. These professionals will be working under the valid license and insurance of the bonded company we award an individual contract to for any acquired client assignment on their behalf.  We are not a security contractor.  We are a marketing and referral resource that locates, establishes dialogue with, and secures an agreement between a licensed security operator and a client or client company.  We act on behalf of our clients or end user companies as the agent or liaison that serves both our client as well as the security or protection operator firm to which we award the contract on a per bid basis. 

Bodyguard Stars: Voted #1 Best Celebrity Bodyguards

Bodyguard Stars top rated and most referred bodyguards have a very unique set of skills and a diverse range of backgrounds and training. Various fighting and martial arts disciplines including: Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Boxing, MMA, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Karate, and Wing Chun are among the specific defense and protection methods on the resumes of our bodyguards.  If you have other specialties in the art of protective defense, we are always looking for talent with diverse disciplines. Firearms experts, surveillance and cyber security professionals are also among our most requested experts. 

We have within our ranks: current and former military and Special Forces combat trained personnel, police training officers, US Secret Service agents, professional athletes retired from the NFL, MMA, NBA, and collegiate as well as Olympic athletes are also part of our team. We have had 17 former world champions in a range of sports among our list of registered executive protection agents.

America's Top Bodyguard TV Show

We are currently seeking an executive producer for the filming of a show that will be a reality style competition to highlight the making of a celebrity bodyguard by putting a diverse group of individuals through a series of challenges related to the job of being an executive protection specialist. 

Our Mission

Our top priority is to always match the right bodyguard or team of security experts with each situation. Every client has a specific need and we take into consideration every factor.  When you hire a personal bodyguard, you will be spending half of your waking hours with this person or team in many cases.  So, it’s very important that it is a good match based on your own traits and preferences.  We take all of this into account when hand selecting the perfect executive protection agent or staff for your private security detail.  This includes:  personality, social background, education, languages, skill-set, training, certifications, hobbies and interests. A typical bodyguard/client relationship will last up to several years and this means that we need to assure that the client or their family will get along well with our selected bodyguard(s) assigned to this client and be able to participate in several activities that align with the needs of the client or their family members.  For example; if you like to snowboard, golf, play tennis or ride horses, doesn’t it make sense that your bodyguard is well equipped to join you in these activities if required?  If you are a fitness or MMA enthusiast, wouldn’t it be great if your bodyguard was also a certified personal trainer or practitioner in the martial arts or boxing?

Often, we have female clients that wish to keep a discreet, low profile in public. For this reason, some of them choose a female bodyguard.   We have over 70 female bodyguards nationwide. They are trained to blend into a situation where they may appear to be a family member, a nanny, a personal assistant, or a best friend. It’s a great way to keep safe with a highly trained, skilled, and armed female bodyguard that nobody will even detect is on the job.

Other clients, especially in the music and entertainment industries choose to have very large, imposing bodyguards that are both physically imposing and a visual deterrent which will be very obvious with the unspoken intimidation factor of sheer size and physical appearance. Many other security companies will hire literally any big tough-guy type that they can fit into a suit, regardless of training or qualifications. We always adhere to our strict hiring and background screening procedures to assure each of our gentlemen and ladies within our service shall exceed every expectation for excellence in service and training. We won’t hire bodyguards that can’t be legally certified to carry a concealed weapon. The safety and security of our clients is always the top priority.