Investigation Services


We contract with top private investigators and works in Los Angeles, California as well as in Las Vegas, Nevada and New York City to investigate your spouse, husband, wife, girlfriend, fiance, domestic partner, and more. We specialize in catching cheating partners, testing fidelity with undercover operatives and decoys for legal cases such as pre-nuptial agreements, conditional contracts such as employment or live-in partners, as well as teen and adult children with drug or alcohol related problems that are still living at home or attending school.

Private Detective Investigation Services Hollywood

Check-Mate Fidelity Verification

We can help put your mind at ease or confirm your suspicion with a cheating decoy or undercover operative in place. Video and or audio surveillance (we assure that our contractors abide by all local laws and statutes) can be implemented to document a case of infidelity. Some of our clients are owners or partners in multi-million or billion dollar companies. We have helped with background checks and fidelity checks on the significant others of your adult children to assure there are no ill intentions or ulterior motives, before anyone marries into your family fortune and potentially infiltrates your family hierarchy for illicit reasons or monetary gain, you will know as much about them as you need to, in order to be safe and secure. Don’t allow a scam artist or gold-digger to get their hands on your money or to control your business. Protect your assets at home and in your bank against attempts to extort or exploit your family business and good name with a coordinated fidelity check by a licensed private investigator on your future mate or partner before it’s too late.

We are always looking for intelligent, attractive, actors, and undercover operatives to assist with these investigations as a decoy or industrial counterspy to gather information and to help us close these cases for our clients. This is fun, safe, and exciting work and can be financially rewarding. If you are looking to work in our mate-check fidelity division, we are currently screening applicants with a background in acting and modeling as well as security and protection experience. Training is available for this program. Apply on our Recruitment page.

Workplace Risk Management / Threat Assessment
& Mystery Shopper Program

Allow our professional corporate spy team at to gather customized information about the quality of products and services provided by your company’s employees. We specialize in restaurants, retail, department stores, hotels, and the entertainment industry including: theme parks, movie theaters, casinos, nightclubs, bars, venues, and any business where there is a lot of cash exchanging hands. Allow our professional staff to help you customize a spy program with a comprehensive analysis, which meets all of your company specifications for quality control of your product or service.

Undercover Loss Prevention Agents:

In cases where you suspect employee theft or giving away items, we can place a spy into your company to document all activity and report for possible criminal prosecution or termination. Secret shoppers are responsible for saving billions in company assets each year.

Protect your assets! Billions of dollars are lost? Each year in confidentiality and conflict of interest cases in the United States. Don’t let your money walk out the door.

Our experts have helped client companies protect themselves from fraudulent injury cases and perform hands-on background verification.

Is your business losing valuable man hours which result in a loss of profit due to employees wasting company time surfing the internet, playing computer games, social media or viewing prohibited material? 

So whether you just want to calculate the overall wasted hours annually that cost your company profits, by paying people who are not being productive or you want to see if there is evidence of a serious problem, we can arrange for a free demo of our spy software and our cyber spy program in action.

We will evaluate any possible threat to your company including: workers compensation fraud, employee background screening, resume verification, polygraph exams, past or present employee threats of physical violence, sexual harassment, breech of confidentiality or trade secret violations. We also specialize in on site security guards and workplace spy placement. A computer expert can detect the work of hackers and stop them from stealing your information via the Internet as well.

We have recently expanded our corporate facility services to include protection and detection of biochemical hazards in the workplace. All of our corporate services are provided on a monthly or annual contract basis. The contract can be custom tailored to suit your company’s current needs for protection.

No matter the size of your company, we will customize a protection service plan to fulfill your goals for security and internal corporate defense.