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Are you the Best of the Best? Do you have “the right stuff”? We are the world leader in Executive placement for private security professionals. If you are a company looking for a top qualified candidate to oversee your security division, we can find the perfect individual for you on a full time or contract consultant basis. We have helped many of the elite Forbes 100 companies to find a director of security and even a bodyguard to provide executive protection for the CEO or other top corporate officers of major US companies in every industry, from entertainment, to manufacturing, and more. If you are just looking for an opportunity for some quality overtime pay or “moonlighting” while still working at your current job, this may be just the right choice to suit your schedule. Please send us a complete resume and we will give you a free evaluation with recommendations on how you can obtain any additional skills, experience, or education to reach your career goals. If we have a position for you with our firm or an assignment with one of our many contracted corporations or individuals, we will be contacting you to arrange for a personal interview. 

Work and Train With the Best

 If you are seeking a bodyguard job in los angeles or an executive protection agent position for a celebrity, we serve movie studios in Burbank, film sets all around Hollywood, California and everywhere in the USA on location. We are based in L.A. so most of our staff and private contractors are local to Los Angeles. We help find bodyguard jobs for qualified individuals that pay very well. Most of the work is short term, contract bodyguard assignments for the new team members. Finding a full time job as a celebrity bodyguard is a process. You will start with small assignments as a bodyguard for a lesser known, low profile celebrity at a smaller event in most cases. It takes becoming an experienced, top bodyguard with proper training and a lot of great bodyguard job related references for Celebrity Bodyguards to refer you to our A-list team of elite staff. This team is the crew that does the majority of the bodyguard jobs for celebrity protection in Los Angeles and most of the bodyguards in Beverly Hills estates are part of this VIP bodyguard team.

If you have skills in computers, SEO, network security, internet marketing, web design, anti-hacking, networking, we may have companies that need your special skills.

Come Work with the "A" Team

We prefer to hire and refer assignments to certified protection specialists and private investigators who have been accepted as members of a recognized association or respected network of bodyguard industry professionals worldwide. Your bodyguard training and executive protection certifications are what separates the average security guard with a guard card and an elite celebrity bodyguard, armed with a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons) permit and a variety of advanced training that can be obtained through years of experience. We always offer priority job placement opportunities for well qualified former U.S. military officers, peace officers, and those trained in various forms of Mixed Martial arts including Krav Maga and many other forms of hand to hand combat used in bodyguard work. Please complete the recruitment application and submit a resume before calling our office. You can follow up on your application during regular business hours by phone. We are in constant search of qualified candidates for a rewarding opportunity to join our elite team. Please contact us by phone or e-mail a resume for immediate consideration of nationwide or local assignments. You will find a listing of various specialties in high demand. Our clients deserve the best and so do you.

  • If selected, you will be an independent contractor assigned to individual cases and clients for extremely rewarding compensation. You are guaranteed to meet fascinating people and have adventures of a lifetime with us.
  • If you have special firearms training, concealed weapons permits in various states, advanced martial arts training, anti-terrorism experience, and the ability to train others, in your field, call us for opportunities in the Los Angeles area.
  • Are you active or retired military or police? We could have a bodyguard assignment for you.
  • If you or someone you know has experience protecting VIP clients, or would like to be a part of an exciting field, call us today. We encourage women to apply. Over 25% of our agents are females.

America's Top Bodyguard TV Show

We are currently seeking an executive producer for the filming of a show that will be a reality style competition to highlight the making of a celebrity bodyguard by putting a diverse group of individuals through a series of challenges related to the job of being an executive protection specialist. 

Awards & Event Bodyguard Services

Awards shows are one of our main service areas when it comes to the executive protection of celebrities. If you are in need of a private bodyguard to provide security for stars attending any of the following awards shows in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or New York City, including the Academy Awards (Oscars), the Grammy Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, the ESPy’s, the AMA (American Music Awards), the CMA (Country Music Awards), the Billboard Music Awards, or any entertainment awards show, major sporting event, UFC, or other live event, Stars) can provide as many as 50 or more bodyguard agents to staff your event. Our rates are among the most reasonable in the industry. Our staff is the best choice for hiring a highly screened, professional, qualified team of executive protection experts in the world.


Send us your resume, include which area of expertise and region of the country you will be willing to travel to for an assignment and we will consider your services for upcoming events. We are currently looking for experts in video surveillance. If you have knowledge of installing, operating, and designing advanced covert video applications, send us your resume.

Minimum age of 21. Prefer 5+ years combined experience and or training in any combination of the following: military special operations, police tactical duties, martial arts, hand to hand combat, federal agent, anti-terrorism, biochemical defense, bodyguard duties.

Espionage in any specific field including: industrial, personal, cyberspace, video/audio electronic surveillance. In states or cities where we do not currently have enough of our own contracted investigators, we generally refer assignments on a subcontractor basis with licensed and certified detectives in each state as situations arise. Highest demand is in Los Angeles and New York but we would like to have a qualified P.I. in all 50 states for our database. We refer based on success rate and client satisfaction more so than experience.

These are the ONLY areas we will consider training amateur men and women over 18 but we prefer you to be over 21 for an assignment which may include simple tasks such as blending in as on of the crowd in a situation where your specific “look” or “type” will allow you to mingle while concealing video or audio surveillance equipment. You will be under constant supervision by a trained professional and will at no time will you perform any other duties involving the investigation or professional aspects of the operation. You will simply be there as a “prop” to help us gather evidence for our clients including: parents, spouses, or partners. Your safety is our top priority and at no time will we put you in danger. You must be confident, good at following directions, physically fit, and have no felony convictions. You must have a valid drivers license, a US passport or be willing and able to provide these documents before we will assign you to a case.

We are often contracted by law firms to obtain incriminating video and or audio evidence of cheating spouses in cases where marital infidelity is a part of a prenuptial agreement to be used in settling a divorce case. For this purpose, our investigators subcontract to female or male models, actors, actresses who agree to be photographed in compromising situations with the suspected cheater. Those in the adult industry, dancers, escorts, etc. will do well in this area as it often will involve nudity to obtain embarrassing evidence and result in a larger and quicker legal settlement. Send us your qualifications along with an accurate, detailed, physical description.

You must be an expert in protection of our clients computer information from “hackers” and those attempting to extract company or personal information from computers and the Internet. Webmasters are also in demand to build and maintain websites, promote sites to directories and register them to search engines for our company as well as creating several “dummy” sites as decoys for our clients.

High level of experience in installing and maintaining hard wire and wireless covert video and audio applications in a variety of situations. Creativity and problem solving as well as access to the latest technology is required.