Film Set Security

Film Set Security

We provide professional bodyguards for celebrities on movie and television studio lots, sound stages, and on location. Bodyguard Stars Celebrity Services works directly with many celebrities. Assisting them personally when requested. However, it is most common for the agent, manager, production studio, or event coordinator that is hiring the talent (celebrities) to contact us and secure our services. Our rates are reasonable and competitive. Bodyguard Stars film set security  provides armed, plain clothes security staff (bodyguards) un-armed plain clothes bodyguards, undercover surveillance teams for high profile and dangerous threat assessment, armed and uniformed security staff, and event security for film sets, television and movie studio lots, music studios, concert venues, theaters and premiers of movies, live remote celebrity endorsed events, and any event that could require the deployment of armed bodyguards. Celebrity bodyguards are on call 24/7 for all of our VIP clients.

Personal Protection

If you need personal protection agents for individual security purposes while filming on location or within a studio, we can provide professional, experienced bodyguards to meet your needs or the requirements of your clients. can designate agents for specific celebrities or cast members as well as an entire cast and crew. We will work undercover in plain clothing or uniformed, armed or unarmed or any combination customized to your desire. We also provide bodyguards and security staff for your estate and while you travel during filming and music tours.

consulting and technical advisory

We have an extensive network of professionals available for consulting and technical advisory assignments in motion pictures, television, commercials, and all pre-production or post production aspects including screenplays and dialogue consultants for any of the following related areas of storyline or characters:
Police work, detectives or investigations, bodyguards, military, special forces, MMA (mixed martial arts), boxing, weapons, combat, espionage, cyber-crimes, hacking, government agencies such as: FBI, CIA, DEA, and more. Our team members have combined for well over 500 credits in these various areas of technical advice and support.  Let us know the premise of the project and we will introduce you to the most qualified individuals in the world on the subject to assist on the set or behind the scenes. If you are interested in speaking with our management staff regarding technical advisory on a project, contact our public relations director.
We provide a professional rate service plan structure for all members of: S.A.G., A.F.T.R.A., and other recognized entertainment industry organizations and associations. also works with reality stars of Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok for live appearances and fan events. So, any celebrity that is in potential danger or that needs private bodyguards,is encouraged to inquire about our services.  We also have offices in Las Vegas and New York, NY. Call us today to reserve your Bodyguard Stars protection agent today.