Executive Estate Management

Executive Estate Management

BodyguardStars.com provides elite Celebrity Services, we realize that many of our valued clients have multiple residences. Some of you are on location, filming a movie or on tour in the music industry for several months at a time. Our professional athlete clients may be playing out of state during the season for months at a time. We can help you resolve these issues with our “home check” patrol and executive home sitting live-in estate management program.

This is very common. What do you do to keep your home safe, maintained, or prevent squatters, rioters,  or looters from trespassing while you are away?  Or protection from robberies or home-invasion attempts while you are home.  Sometimes, a pipe or water main may freeze and break. A water heater or power failure could deactivate or reset all of your home automation systems. Even simple things such as mail and deliveries can build up on your porch to show signs that you aren’t home. Our onsite estate management staff can remedy these situations for you.

Property Managers

Some of you may have several pets that can’t travel with you and you don’t want to board them for long periods of time. Your pets are more comfortable and happier at home. So, we have solutions for any of the above circumstances: live-in property managers and home-tenders, estate check patrol services, and executive residential managers can take care of your home or homes for days, weeks, and months.
We can even manage your home in a vacation or short term rental program for you and provide screened, background verified vacation guests, manage your AirBnB, or offer short and long term live-in caretakers for your residence. Well trained people that are responsible for things such as caring for your pets, aquarium, garden, house plants, general housekeeping services, accepting mail and packages, supervising the outsourced service staff such as gardeners, pool cleaners, maids, pest control, assuring everything is in working order and ready for you to come home to a clean, perfectly maintained home or allowing your guests in and monitoring the residence while you are away.

House Tenders Staging

Even if you have a home for sale, we can have our professional home tenders stay in your house to show it to realtors, keep everything in order so people don’t leave on or turn off important things such as water, heat, air conditioners, lights, fans, pool equipment, or leave things unlocked after the realtors show your property. Many times, people pose as potential buyers to see what they can come back and steal or attempt to take residency in your home as a squatter. We can prevent any of these things from happening to you. Our clients trust us and so can you. Our contracted staff  is bonded and they are insured to protect your property and valuables while you are away.

We specialize in resort towns and major cities worldwide. Call us for details on our Estate management program or submit a service request form today.