Bodyguard Mobile App Coming Soon

Bodyguard Mobile App

Get ready for the launch of our amazing Executive Services mobile App! Available for iPhone and Android devices, where you will be able to “order” or request:  

Professional Bodyguards, Event Host / Hostess, Private Local Guide, Security Driver, Executive Private Assistant, Travel Host, Event Companion, Nanny, Executive Private Residence & Estate Manager, Public Relations Liaison, Language Interpreter, Personal Chef, Personal Trainer, Personal Stylist, Social Media Manager, and more!  

Bodyguard Mobile App Features

This interactive Application will be able to locate the certified and screen expert in the above specialties by location, availability, qualifications, rate of pay, and popularity based on ratings and reviews of the contractor.  Similar to a ride-share application, you can see where the desired contractor is currently located on the real-time map, request their service, negotiate rates based on a scale, pay for and agree on the services based on offer and acceptance of the contract, view and compare profiles, reviews, and qualifications of each expert in their field. 

Funds will not be dispersed until both the client and contractor meet and click the accept button to begin the contract.  There will be a cancellation fee and minimum amount for each service, should the contract end early or be terminated.  Reviews of the Contractor as well as the client shall be posted for others to see on the app.  All reviews will be screened before approval, similar to AirBnB or other applications.  

This is going to be a revolutionary method of safely hiring pre-screened contractors and also to only be hired by background checked clients for the safety of the contractor.  In many cases, the hostess or travel companion can request a private bodyguard to be hired for the mutual safety of the client and contractor for travel or public events.

To apply as a contractor or professional specialist, please visit our recruitment page for more information.